Entry #5

Heyyyyy look at this music video I was in!

2015-10-26 21:50:02 by radiodark

Back in May I got to join the band Community Center in building and populating a bohemian vagrant camp in the woods while they shot their latest music video- now YOU TOO can know a smidgen of how much fun that was.

ALSO I've been playing their latest album on loop for weeks and you all should give it a listen.


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2015-10-26 23:12:59

oh shit lol, this is badass! is this something the community center does usually? this looks actually really cool, i never do things like this just so you know but this looked super appealing to me for some reason

radiodark responds:

Thanks! Community Center has some other music videos- is that what you mean? Glad you enjoyed it!


2015-10-27 00:26:38

Hey, there you are at 3:26! Damn, you look happier than a possum eating a sweet potato ;) Did the cameraperson have anyone guiding him around? She/he did really nice work, though hand-held shooting widescreen is fucking hard, and it didn't always succeed here. But it's one take... or was there more than one? Or was this is it, and the pre-staging went along swimmingly, as did the execution?

radiodark responds:

We tried to do it in one take, running the same series of actions over and over for hours until we had to stop because the horses were getting cold- I imagine none of them worked perfectly and that he had to subtly splice them together but I'm not sure. And yeah, there was a crew of camera folks.


2015-10-27 15:29:00

Horse blankets can only go so far... a crew, more than one take? Thanks for letting me know, it's one of the last technical things I've done as a career (video producer/director/operator/editor). It was really nice to see you smile in the music video, how's your day-to-day life been, staying out of trouble?


2015-10-27 18:49:25

ohh so it's the name of it okay lol, i was thinking legit community center where they were holding an event for people who live around the area xP

radiodark responds:

Nope! It's a band name, yeah. Sorry that's confusing.


2016-02-28 07:56:04

Congrats on the daily 3rd! It's nice no one got anal (in the reviews) and said this wasn't animation, when in fact, it pre-dates animation :)