Ask Me Anything

2013-02-25 01:31:52 by radiodark

I'll probably delete this later to keep the art tips on top, so ask while you can!


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2013-02-25 01:52:41

Why are you so amazing?

radiodark responds:

Aw, shucks.


2013-02-25 08:01:33

what is your name...
what is your quest...
WHAT... is your favourite colour!

radiodark responds:

Jessie, to find the holy grail, and I fluctuate between blue, green, and red. What's the capital of Assyria?


2013-02-25 08:32:14

whats your secret to being one of the bast goram artist in the artforum?

radiodark responds:



2013-02-25 14:04:36

Cat or Dog? Star Wars or Star Trek? What is your favourite art piece in the portal that you can think of?

radiodark responds:

Cat, depends on the movie, and I don't know. One of the pieces that got me to join NG was Sucho's curious dick monster drawing she did for a sketchbook tour, but I don't think it's in her portal any more. Other than that, I don't know. Any of my favorited pieces. I'm a sucker for okoo's work, maybe one of those. Ne7ers too.


2013-02-25 14:24:22

How did you happen to become an artist? What influenced you to draw?

radiodark responds:

I live near Washington DC, and I as I grew up my grandmother would take me downtown to see exhibits at the many spectacular (free!) museums there. I think the Impressionists won my heart first, but seeing such great works of any shade in person did a lot to inform my understanding of art. Children's books were an influence too- I went to buy a few for a friend's kid a few years back and realized how much they'd contributed to my aesthetics. Stories are important.

I'm drawn to art as a method of communication that is at once so much more and much less concise than language is. It can express all sorts of emotional nuances we don't really have or need words for, and while so few of those subtle nuances are useful data, they're still an important part of what makes us human. There's something distinctly awesome about being able to compress abstract ideas into bits of pigment on paper or welded steel.

As to actually becoming an artist, I'm not sure where to start. I was always more inclined to art in school than any other field, although I don't think I was able to think of myself as an artist until I got to community college and started taking decent art courses. Learning to draw a proper figure was like a lightbulb going off- I'd always assumed my attempts were hideous monstrosities because I sucked, rather than just that I didn't know the right proportions to draw with. Anyway, I kept studying, kept making things, and kept getting better.


2013-02-25 21:41:47

Ever tried animating?

radiodark responds:

I did a sort of basic stick figure stop motion animation once for a class that's probably on vimeo somewhere. It was fun, but it took hours and hours to shoot three minutes of uncomplicated footage, and I came out of it swearing not to bother again unless i had a really worthy idea.

I've never really played around in flash successfully- I think I'll need some kind of lessons before I understand the program.

Crafting stories from scratch and telling them in a time based form tends to be hard for me- I have an easier time with single images that hint at everything all at once.


2013-02-25 22:34:47

Fucking... AMAs. Hope you like half-baked q&as about nothing.

Fine, here, I have a question.

I've noticed that a lot of your "favourite" art isn't traditionally attractive, often sporting warped proportions and perspective that I would consider to hinder the pieces more then help it, incredibly soft lighting and very little detail. That is, hardly any that appeal to me.

So my question is: what do you look for in a piece? Do you strive towards this ideal of perfection yourself or are you content with your current style? How do YOU define "quality art"?

(Updated ) radiodark responds:

Good question. I'm not entirely sure I understand- when I analyze my ng favorites, I see fuckloads of detail and a variety of lighting.
As to the rest though, I've gotten to the point in my art where straight up photographic realism doesn't impress me- I want to see that level of description applied to things that photos can't show you, hence the warped perspective and proportions.

Fanart bores me, largely. Generic fantasy paintings of dragon, robots and fairies bore me. Anime is usually fucking awful, made by lazy people who have never learned to draw properly.

Composition is always important, no matter the piece, but otherwise I wouldn't try to keep what I like to exact requirements. I like pieces that break the groove of what I'd expect of them. I like art history jokes- references to much older pieces with a piece. I like anatomy and I like incidental nudity. I like pieces that start stories and leave the viewers to finish them. I do like lots of texture and detail.

I don't there's a perfect state of art- it would immediately become boring. Taking a novel approach is important.

Do I strive towards all that myself? Huh. I strive towards good compositions, always. I try to be subtle with my meanings. I try to challenge my abilities with every piece- diving into the unfamiliar each time is part of what keeps me going.

My NG favorites really only tell a fraction of my art taste, considering the number of historical and contemporary but not on NG artists that I adore, but it's interesting to see what that index says about my preferences. Thanks.


2013-04-28 22:09:14

Why do you have such a freaky profile pic

Your survey entry: 03


2013-04-29 01:55:38

OMG, that was you at the party I almost tripped on :O I'm so sorry we didn't talk, I thought you were a guest of someone else! Rats, I had a nagging feeling I'd seen your picture somewhere, but as Austerity pointed out, that user pic threw me off!
It was great to see you there, and I do hope you had a good time (minus my short and flat feet)!
Where did you go after the party? I chased down the last train to Ft. Washington and followed some members back to the Best Western :3 Really shoulda stayed and got bombed w/ Sherb and Emily!!

radiodark responds:

Heh. It was lovely to meet you for realz. I knew I'd seen your name around but I couldn't remember where in the thick of things, so I'm glad to be figuring that out now. We were at the Best Western too! Hung out at Stamper's a bit that night and in the morning we got donuts with Legolass and shuffled Emily back to headquarters to pick up her stuff before heading home. Have you made your way homeward yet?


2013-04-29 21:28:02

Yeah, I got home to Jersey before Noon Sunday in fact. I had planned to drive to the hotel, and take a train to Glenside, but as my sister pointed out, 2 days before the event, that my truck was still under my recently deceased father's name... and two sleepless nights due to an abscessed tooth :P

My plans may have been thrown asunder, but I did happen to steal a nice shot of you drawing at the back table 609723e39e4ef42d448855 If you didn't catch seeing April and the kids, I've some great shots of the Fulp family (minus Wade): in the zip file. I should've gotten more shots of Tim, he was great to hang out with!

radiodark responds:

Oops, just realized I never responded to this. Sorry to hear about the tooth, I hope all is better now. The photos are wonderful- I'm so glad our couch pile was preserved for posterity and I love the shot of Tom dual wielding small children.


2013-05-28 16:00:14

:O What happened? How did your stuff get stolen? Any clue who it was?

radiodark responds:

I was at an after party for a rock opera I was part of, karaoke and booze for cast and crew. Fun times, but none of us were watching the door to make sure that we were the only ones that came in, and a group of young men we didn't know came and grabbed my backpack from under a table and also stole a purse and the car that matched the keys in the purse. We didn't notice until a while later when I went to grab my stuff to catch a train back to dc home and found there was nothing there to grab, no wallet, no phone, no camera, no laptop.

The people I was with took good care of me though, and everyone since has been super supportive.
We've filed police reports but I haven't heard of any findings yet. The phone is dead or off, untracable.

The rock opera was balls awesome though, so at least there's that


2013-05-30 19:00:38

Good gravy, that's awful! I was initially worried at Pico Day, something like that might happen, but we were all pretty attentive. In the old days, thieves used to dump the id's and stuff into a mailbox... all bets are off these days :(

Well despite the shock you and others must've endured, I'm glad y'all had a nice time, and stuck together.